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Lund’s Fisheries is one of the first seafood suppliers/fisheries to ship fully-traced scallops from vessel to plate, adhering to the GDST guidelines. The Global Dialogue of Seafood Traceability presented their findings last spring on the data and the qualifications in the first ever GDST Guideline Manual. 

Using state of the art technology with a first ever consumer interface platform, the Lund’s Scallop products were shipped into the Northwest region of the United States. The technology allows retailers and foodservice establishments to transfer over the traceability data into their own branded landing page, featuring their establishment’s logo – all with a simple click of a button. 

With the first few shipments into the Northwest market, 42 restaurant locations have used the data to present the traced information on the scallops they are featuring to their patrons. 

The restaurant locations can now give their customers information on where the scallops were harvested, what vessel was used in the specific harvest, who the captain is with a short bio, along with videos and live photography of the harvest being brought into the ship. As one restaurant operator stated, “This gives our customers the ability to learn first hand where the seafood is coming from, in a short documentary! A true game changer to our menu’s!” 

The traced scallop product information has had over 11,000 restaurant patron scans in just over the last two months with an acceptance rate never seen in the seafood industry prior.

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